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University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
Client: University of Virginia

Project Type: Historic Structure Reports; Roof Restoration; ADA study

The original campus of the University of Virginia, known as the "Academical Village,” was designed by Thomas Jefferson and constructed between 1817 and 1828.  Today this 30-acre complex of buildings, lawns, walled gardens, and alleys are at the physical and symbolic center of the University.

The historic structure report for the Rotunda, Jefferson’s library and focal point of the Academical Village, is the most comprehensive yet undertaken for a building at the University of Virginia. This report reinforces the historic significance of the building, and chronicles its complex history, covering the four important periods of its construction.

John G. Waite Associates, Architects and its predecessor firm have been working continuously on the significant historic buildings at the University of Virginia since the 1980s. The firm has prepared a comprehensive historic structure report for the entire Jeffersonian Precinct; the Rotunda (1823-1828); four of Jefferson’s ten Pavilions (Pavilions  I, II, V and VI); Varsity Hall (1857-58), one of the earliest surviving college infirmaries in the United States; and the McKim, Mead and White-designed classroom buildings, Cocke (1898) and Rouss (1898) Halls at the south end of the lawn.  The firm also completed construction documents for the roof restoration work at Pavilions VII and X, and an extensive ADA study suggesting ways of providing a barrier free environment in the Academical Village while retaining the historic integrity of the buildings and site.

Currently, JGWA has begun planning for the restoration of Jefferson's Pavilion IX, with the completion of a Historic Structure Report.  This project is being completed under a historic preservation term contract with the University.