Architectural Services

Preservation Planning & Historic Structure Reports

Preservation Technology & Building Conservation Services

Architectural services
JGWA provides full-service architectural consulting in all phases of historic preservation projects.  The firm’s architects, conservators and interiors specialists have extensive experience in every aspect of the planning, design and execution of historic building restoration.  With each project, JGWA provides creative solutions grounded in a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of historic building construction.

  • Comprehensive interior and exterior restoration
  • Adaptive use
  • Building reconstruction and relocation
  • Measured drawings & HABS/HAER documentation
  • New design in historic contexts
  • Programming and space planning
  • Schematic & design development documents
  • Construction documents
  • Construction administration
  • Construction cost estimating

Preservation planning/historic structure reports
Research and planning are a critical part of the preservation process.  The firm emphasizes the need for detailed and thorough investigation of each project, from archival research about the building’s history to a master plan or a feasibility study for an adaptive reuse plan.

Historic Structure Reports
Responsible stewardship of historic buildings requires a curatorial approach to questions of renewal, restoration, reconstruction and maintenance.  As the first step in the preservation process, the Historic Structure Report (HSR) provides the framework for compiling and analyzing all available information about a building.

Once completed, the HSR guides the development of contract documents (drawings and specifications) and restoration plans, helping the project to proceed in a logical, sequential manner.  

Other planning and research services include:

  • Existing conditions surveys
  • Master plans
  • Feasibility studies
  • Building conservation plans
  • Historic furnishings plans
  • Grant application and fundraising consulting
  • Building maintenance plans
  • Building code analysis
  • Government Standards and National and Local Codes
  • Accessibility and ADA compliance

Preservation technology & building conservation services
JGWA applies a wide range of preservation technologies to its work, combining a thorough knowledge of historic building fabric with state-of-the art building conservation techniques.  From non-destructive evaluation to paint and furnishings analysis, the firm is committed to providing the best preservation solutions for the conservation and maintenance of historic structures.

Preservation technology services include:

  • Masonry, metals and wood conservation
  • Paint seriation analysis
  • Historic textiles and furnishings analysis
  • Non-destructive evaluation
  • Mortar analysis