About the Firm

John G. Waite Associates, Architects PLLC, with offices in Albany and New York City, provides leadership and consulting in the preservation, restoration and reuse of historic properties, including many of the nation’s most significant historic landmarks.

The firm’s approach is based on detailed archival research, thorough investigation and analysis of historic materials and building technology, and a commitment to the most current and effective building conservation procedures.

Founded in 1995, with roots going back to a general architectural practice established before World War II, JGWA has restored hundreds of historic buildings across the United States and has received more than fifty historic preservation awards for its projects.

Preservation and stewardship of historic structures is fundamentally tied to the tenets of sustainable design, and is critical to the protection of our environment. Reusing and adapting historic structures has wide-ranging benefits across all areas of society, realizing energy and material savings while preserving our cultural and architectural inheritance. JGWA’s LEED-accredited architects, historic interiors specialists, and building materials conservators look at each project as an opportunity to implement sustainable design within sound preservation approaches.

JGWA is committed to developing innovative solutions to protect the nation’s historic architectural resources for generations to come.