Charnley-Norwood Cottage

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Ocean Springs, MS

Client: State of Mississippi Department of Archives and History

Project Type: Comprehensive Historic Structure Report and Restoration Master Plan

The Charnley-Norwood Summer Cottage Complex was designed by Louis Sullivan in 1890. Located adjacent to Sullivan’s own cottage was rebuilt after a fire in 1897. Sullivan’s cottage was destroyed by Hurrican Katrina and the Charnley-Norwood Cottage and guest house were badly damaged.  Knocked off its piers and moved, the house sat crumbled in a state of disarray. However, most of the building survived.

John G. Waite Associates, Architects was engaged by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History to prepare a comprehensive historic structure report and restoration master plan for the Charnley-Norwood complex. Included in the report are a thorough inspection of the building and site, historical research and preparation of a construction and developmental history, structural evaluation, historic materials assessment, determination of character defining features, conditions assessment of interior and exterior spaces, recommendations for the restoration of the cottage and guest house as well as appropriate future uses for the complex.