Statue of Liberty National Monument

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Liberty Island

New York, NY

Client: U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service

Project Type: Life Safety Assessment; Historic Structure Report

In January 2002, John G. Waite Associates, Architects was engaged by the National Park Service to provide life-safety assessment, mitigation options, and emergency planning for the Statue of Liberty. The firm undertook a variety of studies, including a preliminary capacity study, a baseline pedestrian movement analysis, and an egress/evacuation analysis using both prescriptive building codes and performance-based modeling. Interim recommendations were made so that the statue could be re-opened for limited visitation. However, further studies are required to refine this information and present conclusions and recommendations for the long-term rehabilitation of the monument and island to provide for the increased safety and security of visitors.

Following the life-safety assessment, JGWA prepared a historic structure report for Fort Wood, the original eleven-point, star-shaped fortification that serves as the base for the statue’s pedestal. The report traces the history of the fort, outlines the evolution of construction over time, evaluates the remaining sections of the fort, and makes recommendations for its maintenance and restoration.

The firm is currently completing a historic structure report for the Statue under their Historic Preservation Indefinite Delivery Contract with the National Park Service. The goal of the report is to identify and document the original appearance, historic evolution, physical description, physical conditions, and character-defining features of the Statue of Liberty and the pedestal.