Watts DePeyster Fireman’s Hall

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Tivoli, NY

Client: Village of Tivoli

Project Type: Interior and Exterior Restoration; Feasibility Study; Adaptive Reuse

The Watts DePeyster Firemen’s Hall is one of the major landmarks of the Village of Tivoli. Built in 1898 to house two fire companies, the firehouse continued to serve the community until 1986 when a new firehouse was completed. Despite a lack of maintenance and severe deterioration in recent years, the building has survived without major alterations and with much of its original building fabric intact. The firehouse was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.

Under the direction of John G. Waite, the firm prepared a restoration feasibility study for the firehouse. Based on the study’s recommendations, the Trustees of the Village of Tivoli decided to restore the building for reuse as the Village Hall. JGWA prepared contract documents for a complete restoration of the existing building and construction of a new and compatible structure at the rear of the building to contain an exit stairway and an ADA-accessible elevator to serve all four levels of the building.

The building’s exterior was restored to its original appearance with a new slate roof, rebuilt cornices, restored windows, replicated apparatus doors and stone ramps, and restored hose tower; masonry repairs included replacement of deteriorated brick, repointing, cleaning and repair/consolidation of deteriorated bluestone elements. Interior restoration work involved extensive repairs to plaster surfaces, metal ceilings, wood flooring, and damaged woodwork. The restored building now houses the village library, a courtroom, meeting rooms, special exhibits and offices for village officials.